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Management Division Manager


15.000.000 đ - 30.000.000 đ

18 tháng 24 lượt xem

Thông tin cơ bản

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Mô tả công việc

Advising the Director on Company's plans, departments and units.
- Develop operational plan of the responsible department
- Proposed operating budget of the division
- Proposing the personnel plan of the department in charge
- Review, comment, supplement and adjust:
+ Analysis reports, assessment of the implementation of the plan, strategic objectives of company, departments / units.
+ Proposing plans for inspection and evaluation of units every 6 months and years.
- Review, comment, supplement and adjust reports
+ Monitoring the implementation of the conclusions of Director 
+ Coordination of units / departments.
- Review, comment, supplement and adjust the proposed tools for the synthesis, statistics, evaluation, forecasting and reporting.
- Review, provide additional comments, adjust reports, support documents for Board of Management, outside agencies, receive delegations to visit, study and exchange learning ...
- Develop internal processes of the company  
- Manage staff development to achieve the department's goals and maximize the room's resources.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Graduated from University of Business and Management 
- Speacial treatment graduation in Korea University 
- Major Economic; Business Administration, Law, Science of public Administration; Trade 
-Excellent in Korean and English 
- Having managerial experience of 5 years or more (having held the position of Head or Deputy Head of an economic unit ... at the grassroots level or higher or has been a team leader or manager).
- Understanding about business and investment.
- Understanding of distribution and retail market (modern and traditional)
- Skills in managing, analyzing, synthesizing, communicating, problem identification, problem solving, thinking, forecasting, risk identification and teamwork skills.

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