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Nhân Viên Tài Vụ - Finance Staff


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Thông tin cơ bản

Thời gian đăng tuyển
Hình thức làm việc
Toàn thời gian cố định
Toàn thời gian cố định
Mức lương
10.000.000 - 15.000.000
Ngành nghề
Ngân hàng, tài chính, đầu tư
Tỉnh/thành phố
TP Hồ Chí Minh

Mô tả công việc

*Job summary

- The Finance Staff ensures that the company makes sound financial decisions.

- He/She analyzes and interprets client data or identifies trends, which are used by senior managers to make strategic company decisions.

- This position prioritizes effectively, while also working on multiple reports simultaneously, focusing on the details while finding creative ways to tackle big picture challenges.

- The Finance Staff will assist others in understanding financial reports, graphs and charts and are trusted advisors for every facet of data and communication.

- In this position, you will research and interpret financial data to ensure our leaders have the most up to date and reliable information to help make the best possible decisions.

*Detail Job Description

· Download bank statement all banks

· Make bank payment orders, recheck payment orders.

· Submit for getting approval.

· Seal “Paid” payment docs - Make credit control (receivables, payables, deposit contracts…) cash flow management.

· Input data by Account slip to SAP.

· Verify Cash balance and print Cash report

· Verify all payment docs: Invoices, contract….

· Prepare payment account slips by SAP.

· Receive daily cash receipts and expense forecasting.

· Communicate and cooperate with other accounting team members for Month-end close to ensure income and expenses are properly recorded in accordance with accounting standards

· Prepare Monthly, quarterly and yearly reports (including internal and external report)

· Establish and monitor annual operating budget; forecast and revise in accordance with accounting and budgeting principles.

· Manage and control the overall spending, distinguish and the difference between the actual spending and project plan.

· Perform other tasks and duties are assigned.

Phúc lợi


· Yearly Travelling or Outing activities.

· Recognition program.

· Year-end bonus & party.

· Annual merit review.

· Entitled insurances regimes and other benefits as regulated by law.

Yêu cầu công việc

*Key Qualifications

1. Graduated from the University of Economics: accounting, auditing, finance, business, etc.

2. 02 years of experience and passion for working with textile industry organization preferred.

3. Be able to develop and maintain a constructive, cooperative working relationship with others.

4. Be able to maintain positive flow of relevant communication and protect sensitive information.

5. Must be highly skilled in dealing with financial and numeric data.

6. Computer knowledge proficiency.

7. Problem solving skill ability; to recognize a pending problem and recommend a course of action.

8. Be Honest, careful, responsible and confidential.

9. English or Chinese communication competencies.

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